Bucharest PancreaticFest 2022

9th Pancreatic Diseases Course
10th EUS Workshop in Pancreatic Disease
September 9-10


Al 41-lea Congres Naţional de Gastroenterologie, Hepatologie şi Endoscopie digestivă

30 iunie – 2 iulie 2022

Hotel Crowne Plaza Bucureşti


9th Update on Hepatology Course Bucharest

6 – 7 May 2022

Join us in a hybrid format of the 9th Update on Hepatology Course.



THE XIth National Congress of Coloproctology With international participation

Organized by Romanian Society of coloproctology

17th – 19th March 2022

Bucharest, ROMANIA, Crowne Plaza Hotel



It’s happening! You can now officially belong to UEG – United European Gastroenterology. As an umbrella organisation of all leading specialist and national specialist GI societies in Europe, UEG engages with over 50,000 GI professionals and delivers a wide array of scientific and educational activities for every career level. Our myUEG Community is your connection to multidisciplinary digestive health on an international level.

Become a myUEG Associate or myUEG Young GI Associate for free today! Grow a diverse network of friends, colleagues, peers and collaborators within the digestive health community via our new, exclusive My Connect networking feature.



We are proud to present a new online course on enteral nutrition!

 This online course provides in-depth coverage of all aspects of enteral nutrition. Authors Željko Krznarić and Darija Vranešić Bender begin with a reminder of gastrointestinal tract physiology before discussing nutritional status and malnutrition, and nutritional assessment. They then consider enteral nutrition itself, including formula composition, and enteral tube feeding, looking at routes, techniques, devices, and complications. They conclude with ethical considerations, aided by a real-life clinical case.
Watch Darija’s invitation to join the course here!
Enrol for online course on enteral nutrition
Explore the online course Intestinal failure and parenteral nutrition as well! Shameer Mehta and Sarah Williams offer in-depth coverage of all aspects of this rare but complex condition.
We have live-education to offer on top of that! Registration is open for



19th November 2021

“Digestive cancers and immunity: From bench to bedside”


Scrisoare deschisă

Referitor la necesitatea adoptării de către Guvernul României a Proiectului de Hotărâre de guvern privind modificarea şi completarea Anexei la Hotărârea Guvernului nr.720/2008 (“Proiectul de HG”) republicat în transparenţă decizională la data de 06.09.2021



The event is preceded by a practical skills course in colonoscopy and ERCP (September 30, 2021).
Hybrid format: on-site at Hotel Zenith (Mamaia) and online
President of the Conference, Eugen DUMITRU


UEG Week Virtual 2021 (October 3 – 5, 2021)
Postgraduate Teaching Virtual 2021  (October 22 – 23, 2021)


Bucharest PancreaticFest 2021

Scientific Coordinator Cristian Gheorghe

September 10 – 11, 2021, Bucharest, Romania



Taiwan Digestive Disease Week 2021 (TDDW 2021)

September 24, 25 and 26, 2021
Innovation and Clinical Practice in Digestive Medicine.
(virtual event)

We are delighted to provide a FREE registration offer to our international colleagues and it would be most appreciated if your society could distribute this meeting information to your members.

To participate in the TDDW 2021 virtually, please register through the link below:




ESBRA 2021
18th Conference European Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism Conference
OCTOBER 7-9, 2021
Convention Center

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5th ONLINE LIVE ENDOSCOPY COURSE OF IECED and PTCE, held on August 21-22, 2021


  • More than 40 countries from all continents united in one event
  • Over 4000 views and hundreds of live virtual assistants per minute

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Ziua Mondiala de Lupta Impotriva Hepatitelor este marcata in 28 iulie de catre societatile medicale profesionale impreuna cu asociatiile de pacienti

În 28 iulie 2021, Romanian Association for Liver Diseases (RoALD), afiliată si sub egida SRGH, în parteneriat cu UMF Carol Davila București, Spitalul Universitar de Urgență București, Asociația Pacienților cu Afecțiuni Hepatice din România (APAH-RO), Societatea Națională de Medicina de Familie (SNMF), Consiliul Judetean Constanta si Campusul Universitar Universitatea Ovidius Constanta, UMF Grigore
T. Popa Iasi, UMF si Spitalul Judetean Craiova, deruleaza in cateva centre universitare (Bucuresti, Iași, Constanta, Craiova) si in mediul online, o ampla campanie adresata populatiei generale, medicilor si autorităților.

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Premiile „Vifor” la Congresul National al SRGH 2021

Anul acesta comisia de acordare a premiilor „Vifor” la Congresul National al SRGH a decis sa imparta „ex aequo” 6 premii intrucat valoarea lucrarilor prezentate a fost sensibil egala in lumina abordarii subiectelor legate de anemie si de deficitul de fier in afectiunile digestive.

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 IBD Day 2021 – Campania ” 100 Companii pentru BII”Intestinale”

Bolile Inflamatorii Intestinale pot avea un impact major asupra alegerii unui loc de muncă și asupra rezultatelor profesionale, arată datele studiului Pacienții cu Boli Inflamatorii Intestinale și provocările de la locul de muncă, derulat în perioada mai 2021 pe un număr de 70 de pacienți cu Boli Inflamatorii Intestinale, majoritatea cu vârste între 25 și 45 de ani, angajați în sectorul public sau privat.

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19 Mai, Ziua Mondială de luptă împotriva Bolilor Inflamatorii Intestinale 2021

Vezi interviu cu Prof. Dr. Cristian Gheorghe,
Preşedinte SRGH

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Microbii din aparatul digestiv: Duşmani şi prieteni

Descarcă fişier PDF

Coordonatori ştiinţifici:
Dan L. Dumitraşcu
Teodora Surdea-Blaga


The 19th European Congress of Endoscopic Ultrasonography

Hibrid Event
November 25-26 , 2021



Webinar Healthy Stomach Initiative Fw: Time to register – H S I meeting – May 26, 2021

Wednesday, May 26, 2021    2:00pm – 4:00pm (Central European Time)
Virtual meeting – please register:    https://hsi2021.navus.io/delegate-registration

A G E N D A:

MODERATORS:  P. Malfertheiner (Germany), R. Hunt (Canada)
Welcome & Update on WGO Activities & Maastricht VI, Moderators
A Structured Process for Guideline Development, H. Hammer (Austria)
The Taipei Consensus – A Step Towards Global Stomach Health, JM. Liou, (Taiwan)
Stomach Health in Asia & Update on APDW 2021, J. Lee (Malaysia)
H.pylori Rapid Blood Test – Ready For Clinical Use And Screening? C. Schulz (Germany)
Follow up with 600 patients – 25 years after H.pylori eradication F. Di Mario (Italy)
A Word From Our Supporters                   
Panel Discussion: J. Gisbert (Spain), S. Shah (USA), F. Megraud (France), Gonzale-Carmona (Germany)
Following the 2 hour event, all participants have the opportunity to meet and directly network within our break out rooms. Details will be made available during the event.


Digestive Health Month – latest updates

We will celebrate Digestive Health Month with a public awareness raising campaign throughout the month of May. Since our campaign has just begun, we are pleased to share with you some key updates:

We have launched a virtual exhibition to kick-off our campaign: https://ueg.eu/digestive-health-month 

It is focused on this year’s theme for World Digestive Health Day: “Obesity: An Ongoing Pandemic’’, and touches upon obesity and digestive health from four different angles:

1.Uniting the continent: Obesity and chronic digestive diseases across Europe
2.Protecting our future: Obesity and paediatric digestive diseases
3.Taking action now: Diet and chronic digestive diseases
4.Reversing the trend: Obesity and digestive cancers
– We have produced a new infographic ‘’Obesity and Chronic Digestive Diseases Across Europe’’ in collaboration with WGO: available here.

Request for action to you as Council Members:

To increase the impact of Digestive Health Month, we will be very active on social media and we invite you to join us! Share the available information and get involved in the Twitter discussions by using  #DigestiveHealthMonth!


IBD and Well-being

World IBD Day – 19 May


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On May 29th we celebrate World Digestive Health Day!

Dear Members,

Dear UEG Officers,

With World Digestive Health Day on May 29, we celebrate Digestive Health Month throughout the month of May with a public awareness campaign focused on the prevalence and impact of digestive health conditions.

This year’s theme for World Digestive Health Day is ‘’Obesity: An Ongoing Pandemic’’. To mark this occasion and maximize the impact of the Digestive Health Month campaign in 2021, we invite you to join us this May in raising awareness around obesity and digestive health. Please use, share and disseminate any of the below resources to your networks and on social media:

  • The Digestive Health Month banner. View and download here.
  • Our new infographic ‘’Obesity and Chronic Digestive Diseases Across Europe’’ produced in collaboration with WGOView and download here.
  • Illustrations (GIFs) featuring our four weekly topics of the campaign. Download here.

Further information, statistics and resources can be viewed on the campaign’s webpage which will launch in May. Stay tuned and visit https://ueg.eu/digestive-health-month 

Last but not least, follow and join the discussions on Twitter by searching for #DigestiveHealthMonth!



Bucharest PancreaticFest 2021
September 10-11

(Hybrid edition)

8th Pancreatic Diseases Course
9th EUS Workshop in Pancreatic Diseases


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We are calling for abstracts! 

UEG prides itself on being a multidisciplinary, multinational organisation that brings great gastroenterology together. Your abstracts are what help us continue to achieve this goal. We ask you to share the call within your society by placing it on your website, forwarding it via newsletter, and posting it on your Social Media. 

The dates:

Abstract, clinical & video case submission for UEG Week Virtual 2021
February 22 – April 30, 2021, Midnight (CEST)

more details

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Abstract Submission
Step onto our global stage and let your science speak for itself!





Comisia Europeana – luna Martie – luna luptei impotriva Cancerului Colorectal

#ColorectalCancer is the second deadliest cancer in the #EU. Of the 500,000 Europeans diagnosed with this disease each year, half will die. There is still a lot we can do to shift this trend.

? March is #EuropeanColorectalCancerAwarenessMonth and we not only want to draw attention to the main challenges that patients still face, but also how Europe can make a difference in the fight against this terrible disease.

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Dragi colegi,

Vă anunțăm că în perioada 3 – 4 iunie 2021 Asociația Institutului Regional de Oncologie Iași și Societatea Română de Gastroenterologie și Hepatologie organizează online cursul “Masterclass in screening colonoscopy”. Cursul se adresează tinerilor specialiști care doresc să aprofundeze noțiunile referitoare la colonoscopia de screening sau să dobândească certificarea calității în colonoscopia de screening.

Programul preliminar al cursului este disponibil accesând următorul link: Program curs.

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Diagnostic and Therapeutic Strategies for IBS:
The Global Perspective

February 24th, 2021

Eucarbon® | About the webinar (2. Webinar, Febraury 24th, 2021)


UEG Week Virtual & PGT 2021

UEG Week is back and better than ever in virtual format October 3 – 5, 2021!

Mark your calendar! Abstract submission for UEG Week Virtual 2021 will be open February 22 – April 9, 2021.

Our renowned Postgraduate Teaching Programme arrives October 22 – 23, 2021 and returns to its CME accredited 3-year curriculum.